Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Today I went down to Room 8 to try and start applying for jobs. I was told that I haven't been registered on the course yet, which is a bit annoying as I told the Job Centre on Monday that I would be doing this alternative course.

The man there said my dimples would get me in trouble, I think they probably will. Tomorrow I have to explain to the scary Job Advisor why my course has been changed- I have a feeling she'll be pretty annoyed, she doesn't like the fact that I question everything.

While I was in Room 8 I heard a man shouting at one of the helpers- 'I'm not stupid!' I don't know if this is a good sign...possibly not.

I have been given a piece of paper with my new course details on. Under 'Target customers' it says-

Customers with little or no experience of current job search techniques and channels. They will have a basic understanding of IT.

I'm not sure this is me. I think my CV could probably do with some work but I know how to look for jobs. I also think that my IT skills are probably above average- in fact in some areas I have quite a lot of expertise. What does this mean for my experience of the course? I'm not sure yet. I took my laptop along today and was told that this is not allowed, which seems a bit odd.

I wonder if I am being unreasonable or antagonistic in some way, all this is here to help me. I will try and use it in the most positive way and keep my head down.

In other news, I have been looking all over for another place to do the second part of my Diploma in gardening, but as far as I can see they all start in September, so if I want to continue with this I will have to wait until next year now. I am going to write to Organiclea to see what they suggest- they may have a solution.

Dimples eh?

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