Friday, 1 February 2013

I've been sanctioned! I knew it would happen. I've lost a months money.

Maybe if I had been allowed to send the letter I wrote (see two posts below) this wouldn't have happened. Then again, I'm not so sure.

I did receive a reply to the email I wrote complaining about this issue, but only after 7 days, and that was only after I'd sent a prompting email asking when they were going to reply.

This is what I got back-

Thank you for your email communication received 30/01/13 concerning your case being referred to a Decision maker.

You have asked to be provided with the contact details for the Decision Making and Appeals (DMA) team and to be provided with a case reference number relating to the referral of your case.

Unfortunately I am unable to provide you with a direct contact number for the DMA team as phone numbers are for internal use only. Once a decision has been made on your claim you will receive a letter which will explain the decision made and the next steps you can take if you are unhappy with the decision, you will also be provided with all necessary contact details at this stage.

I should explain that because of the impartial status of Decision Makers, I am unable to intervene in the decision making or appeal process.  Individual cases of doubt are decided by specialist Decision Makers who have the necessary training, knowledge and expertise to act on behalf of the Secretary of State. Their decision are based on the individual circumstances of the case and on case law and current legal guidance.

I would, therefore, stress that if you are unhappy with the decision once it is made you follow the appropriate appeals process as set out in your decision letter.

Please speak with your Adviser --- who can be contacted on --- or alternatively email her at --- if you require any advice relating to this referral.


See how she has ignored the cock up with the forms. Classic. I have been told I can apply for a hardship fund which I will do.  Apparently I did not have 'sufficiently good reasons' for not attending the course. It's a shame they haven't read this blog really. Haha.


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