Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hello again.

There has been a bit of a lull in my situation due to the Christmas break, but yesterday I went back to the Job Centre and was told I had been given the wrong form to fill in and followed the wrong procedure to make a case as to why I shouldn't be sanctioned. Instead I had to dictate a few sentences to my Job Advisor there and then- which will be my entire case.

I asked if I could take the form away and write it myself and was told no, I had to do it then as it had to be sent off immediately. My daughter was with me as it was a snow day and afterwards she went behind the desk. 'You can't come round here' my advisor said, but my daughter ignored her and put out her hand so she was forced to shake it. Haha. In her defence, my advisor has been a lot more friendly and human since I did my speech about how I know it's not her, it's the ridiculous system that she's forced to work with.

I also got told off for not applying for jobs at the right time. Over the last few weeks I have applied for six jobs, but one week I applied for 4, and the next week 2. I was told that it has to be 3 PER WEEK or I will be sanctioned and lose 4 weeks money. I don't understand why this is, but being a single mum sometimes your planning goes a little astray due to child illness or snow days or LIFE. If I know I'm going to have less time one week then I'll do more job applications the week before/after. Isn't this just how it goes?

Today I wrote this email to my advisor's boss. I hate being like this, I feel like one of those annoying fuss-making people, but I also feel like it's important to see this through, because I have been making a real effort in my life and need it to be recognised. I don't feel like I should be penalised.


I hope you're well.

Yesterday I came in and --- explained that I had filled in the wrong form and followed the wrong procedure to make a case as to why I didn't attend the A4E course. I spent a considerable amount of time writing a statement and I also supplied references from my training provider and a certificate I have recieved for taking part in a business course. I felt these things, plus a recommendation from my manager at the company where I have been doing an internship would prove that I have been making considerable effort to get back to work, rendering the A4E course unapplicable to me.

Obviously I am a bit worried that my money is going to be stopped. The very brief paragraph I dictated to --- yesterday in place of the above may not be enough to make sure that doesn't happen. She explained that if I do get sanctioned then I can appeal- but I would prefer to not get sanctioned in the first place and to not have a period where I have no money. --- explained that there is no contact name in Edinburgh so I can't submit my evidence. Is there no one I can talk to about this? I must have a case number at least?

This is not a complaint, though it is fairly frustrating that I was given the wrong form/procedure to follow. I'd prefer it if you didn't mention this to --- as this is not really to do with her- I just really want to make sure my money doesn't get stopped and I think I have a real case as to why it shouldn't be. It'd be a shame if I can't convey this properly to the appropriate decision maker.

Thanks for your time.

Let's see what happens. In the mean time, here is a song that feels relevant somehow. Any excuse to post a pop song...

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  1. It's really worrying that due to their mistake you've now lost the opportunity to put forward your written response. I can't say I'm surprised that this has happened. I hope your jobcentre responds to your communications in a positive way, though. I've made formal complaints to the jobcentre and can't say it's made any real difference, but I feel at least it's 'on record'. Don't worry about feeling a fuss-pot - you're not. You're just someone willing to say something when you're treated unfairly. I think that's a good thing.